Ibis Chennai Hiring Executive Sous Chef

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Job Detail

  • Experience 10 Years +
  • Career Level Executive Chef
  • Industry Hotel & Restaurant
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description

Ibis Chennai Hiring Executive Sous Chef
Hi! Ibis Chennai Sipcot is looking for Executive Sous Chef ( Department Head), with an experience of minimum 8-9 years.
Job Description of Executive Sous Chef
Position Title: Executive Sous Chef / Chef de cuisine
Reports In: The Chef in charge
Position Summary
Executive Sous Chef is responsible for assisting the Chief Executive in the operation of the kitchen as an effective independent profit center, to ensure the full satisfaction of guests, by planning, organizing, directing, and managing the operation and management of the Kitchen.
Demonstrates culinary talents in the actual work while helping to guide staff and manage all food-related tasks. It also helps to oversee all kitchen areas to ensure that a consistent, high-quality product is produced.
Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Sous Chef:
Works with visitors to get feedback on product quality and service standards.
Responds to and deals with guest issues and complaints.
 It is able to make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer regarding the order of succession.
Know all budgets and objectives.
Ensuring that guests always have a unique dining experience that represents a real value for money.
Make sure all recipes and products are well-priced and regularly updated.
Make sure all food items are prepared as standard recipe cards while maintaining component control and reducing waste.
Ensure that food stock levels within the catering departments are of adequate value and quality in line with hotel accommodation and activity forecasts.
Make sure that the food associated with the associated restaurant services is consistently high quality.
Make sure the chefs always wear a clean clean uniform and always look good to be seen by guests.
Ensure that all food preparation equipment is used in a safe and efficient manner and that it is cleaned and maintained.
Make sure all cookbooks are prepared and updated.
Ensure that the Department’s overall operating budgets are also strictly adhered to.
Ensure that the catering department complies with all company and hotel policies and procedures.
Make sure a consistent first-class product is available and stored in all cooking areas, while adhering to the operating deadline.
Ensure that meetings are well-organized and purposeful.
Creating menu arrangements and proper food preparation at each store includes deals.
Working in partnership with the Food and Beverage Manager and relevant teams, to create an annual marketing plan for the area.
Make sure all proper party settings are prepared before the arrival of guests and compliance with hotel standards.
Be aware of new, imported products and keep up with the latest product trends.
To fully understand the market needs and desires of each asset and to ensure that menus are developed to reflect those needs.
Initiating appropriate maintenance reports and work orders are supported by proper compliance.
Manage your loved ones and be interested in getting to know all the contacts who cook.
Creating a positive and encouraging environment among all its partners.
Spending time at a restaurant to ensure that the work is well managed by the shopping team.
It is often ensured that only the highest quality products are used in food preparation.
Ensuring that all food products found in the hotel are of the required standard and quality and that they are stored and circulated properly.
Make sure that weekly work schedules and annual leave organizers are well managed and completed.
Ensure that the entire catering department is motivated and that positive feedback is provided.
Assigning responsibilities to subordinates as required.
Trainers and mentors do not work in a timely manner and in accordance with Company policy.
Act as manager of the hotel work as scheduled.
Hiring and selecting the right cooking team that is able to work within a low-level management philosophy.
Identify strengths and weaknessesStrong knowledge of food and drink.
Ways to deal with all aspects of performance
Excellent communication skills and computer skills.
The first step is to encourage yourself.
Appropriate training and coaching skills.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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